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Delaware City The Coastal Zone Act Program regulates existing heavy industrial activities, as well as new and existing manufacturing activities in Delaware’s Coastal Zone. Certain new activities, such as the bulk transfer of raw materials, are not allowed in the Coastal Zone, which runs the length of the state.  

An application for a Coastal Zone Status Decision is necessary if there is question as to whether a proposed activity is considered Heavy Industry, or to determine if the proposed activity is exempt from having to obtain a Coastal Zone Permit. An application for a Coastal Zone Permit is necessary for any new or expanded manufacturing activity that will have an impact on the environment, the economy, the aesthetics or neighboring land uses.

A permitting flow chart tracks the Coastal Zone permitting process. If a project requires other permits from DNREC, the Coastal Zone permit generally takes precedence, although related permit applications may be processed concurrently.

  • The Delaware Coastal Zone Act
    (Title 7, Chapter 70)
  • A history of the Coastal Zone Act
  • Former Governor Peterson reflects on his landmark legislation
  • Russell W. Peterson

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    Coastal Zone Act Documents  Coastal Zone Act Documents

    CZA 371P SPI Pharma.pdfCZA 371P SPI Pharma
    CZA 372P Voight Schweitzer.pdfCZA 372P Voight Schweitzer
    CZA 374P Peninsula Composting.pdfCZA 374P Peninsula Composting
    CZA 375P Tapeta Footings.pdfCZA 375P Tapeta Footings
    CZA 377P Alma Properties.pdfCZA 377P Alma Properties
    CZA 378P Premcor Refining.pdfCZA 378P Premcor Refining
    CZA 379P TA Instruments.docCZA 379P TA Instruments
    CZA 380P Oceanport.pdfCZA 380P Oceanport
    CZA 381P Grantham Lane Associates.docCZA 381P Grantham Lane Associates
    CZA 382P Modular Carpet Recycling.docCZA 382P Modular Carpet Recycling
    CZA 385P Mountaire.pdfCZA 385P Mountaire
    CZA 386P Tidewater Environmental Servics Inc.pdfCZA 386P Tidewater Environmental Servics Inc
    CZA 388P Oceanport.pdfCZA 388P Oceanport
    CZA 390P DuPont Edge Moor.pdf
Checked Out To: Kevin.CoyleCZA 390P DuPont Edge Moor.pdf
Checked Out To: Kevin.CoyleCZA 390P DuPont Edge Moor
    CZA 394P Bloom Energy.pdfCZA 394P Bloom Energy
    CZA 397P Millville Organic Center.pdfCZA 397P Millville Organic Center
    CZA 398P Croda, Inc.pdfCZA 398P Croda, Inc
    (More Documents...)

     Coastal Zone Act Contact

    Susan Love, Principal Planner, DNREC Planning Section, 302-735-3480-or



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