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Asbestos Information for Professional Service Firms, Contractors and Fire Companies 


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Delaware Licensing Requirements
Delaware licensing requirements for profesional service firms and contractors can be found on the Office of Management & Budget's website - Environmental Services or by contacting the Facilities Management staff at (302) 739-5644.

Professional Service Firms

Asbestos Surveys/Inspections. A thorough inspection must be conducted for the presence of asbestos-containing building materials prior to any building renovation or demolition project. The inspection must be conducted by a Delaware certified inspector employed by a professional service firm licensed by Delaware’s Office of Management & Budget’s Facilities Management Division. (View the Compliance Advisory Bulletin.)

In Delaware, an employee of a licensed professional service firm conducts a thorough survey or inspection of the client’s facility in order to determine the extent of asbestos contamination prior to repairing or removing the asbestos containing material. The survey or inspection is summarized in a report for the client and or repair/removal contractor. DNREC’s Air Quality Management staff has developed a survey/inspection form (Delaware Asbestos Survey/Inspection Forms) for use by professional survey firms to summarize their findings.

If asbestos is found during the inspection and will be disturbed during any renovation or repair work, it must be properly removed and disposed of at an approved disposal facility. Likewise, all asbestos must be removed prior to any building demolition project. In most cases, asbestos abatement activities must be performed by a Delaware licensed abatement contractor.

For more detailed information on how an inspection is conducted refer to US Environmental Protection Agency's web site

Waivers from using a licensed asbestos abatement contractor are granted by DNREC in certain circumstances when requested in writing by a professional service firm. Some non-friable asbestos containing materials may be handled by standard roofing or general contractors if a waiver is obtained from DNREC. The specific asbestos-containing materials waived must be segregated during removal and properly disposed of following Delaware Solid Waste Authority requirements, while the remaining non-asbestos-containing debris may be demolished, recycled or disposed of in accordance with standard work practices.  Without a waiver, work on asbestos containing materials requires specially trained and licensed workers, supervisors, and companies.


Notifications. Each facility owner must provide written notification either by U.S. Mail or online to DNREC at least 10 working days before any building demolition activity occurs. This notification is required for all building demolition projects, regardless of the amount of asbestos present, even when no asbestos is present. The asbestos abatement contractor may also submit the notification on behalf of the facility owner.

For renovation projects, written notification either by U.S. Mail or online is required at least 10 working days prior to any asbestos abatement performed as part of the renovation if the abatement involves greater than 260 linear feet, or 160 square feet of asbestos-containing building material.

No notification is required for renovations if the amount of asbestos-containing material is less than the above, or if there is no asbestos-containing material present that will be disturbed during the renovation.

Copies of ALL notifications must be sent to

USEPA-Region 3
Attn. Asbestos Coordinator
1650 Arch Street Philadelphia, PA 19103


Attn.  Asbestos Coordinator
715 Grantham Lane New Castle, DE 19720

Waivers may, on a case-by-case basis, be granted by DNREC for alternative procedures for controlling emissions from an asbestos project, provided that the asbestos contractor or professional service firm submits the alternative procedure in writing to the DNREC Asbestos coordinator and demonstrates to DNREC’s satisfaction that the alternative procedure provides an equivalent or greater control of the asbestos emission into the air.

Fire Companies
Demolition by intentional burning via an instructional fire fighting exercise may be conducted by Delaware fire companies provided that all asbestos-containing material has been removed from the proposed structure(s) and approvals are obtained from DNREC’s Division of Air Quality staff.

In order to confirm that all asbestos-containing material has been removed from the proposed structure(s), the owner of the structure must provide the Fire Company a certified inspection report from a Delaware licensed professional service firm who has inspected the structure and certifies in writing that all asbestos-containing material has been removed prior to demolition. DNREC’s Division of Air Quality staff has developed a survey/inspection form (Delaware Asbestos Survey/Inspection Forms) for use by professional survey firms to summarize their findings of their inspection. This form should be attached to the application for demolition by intentional burning. DNREC cannot process the application without the certified report from the Delaware licensed professional service firm.

Delaware fire companies demolishing structures by intentional burning training exercises must submit a demolition notification at least 10 working days prior to the scheduled training exercise. The application form may be submitted in lieu of the standard notification form used by asbestos contractors. Copies of the application form and the attachments must be submitted in writing to both DNREC and USEPA-Region 3 via 

USEPA-Region 3
Attn.: Asbestos Coordinator
1650 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103

 and to:

Attn.: Open Burning
100 W. Water Street
Dover, DE 19904

For more information contact:

Colin Gomes
715 Grantham Lane
New Castle, DE  19701

Revised:  5/12/2016


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