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Truck Anti-Idling Regulations


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Idling of an on-road vehicle over 8,500 pounds gross vehicle weight for longer than three minutes is, in most cases, prohibited in Delaware. Violators are subject to penalties of not less than $50 and up to $500 for each offense. Subsequent violations carry fines of $500 - $1500.

DNREC adopted Regulation 1145 - Excessive Idling of Heavy Duty Vehicles in April 2005 and the Division of Air Quality's Environmental Crimes Unit began ticketing operators in violation in September 2006.

Heavy duty vehicles subject to this regulation include long-haul and delivery trucks, and transit and school buses. Emergency fire, rescue, and lifesaving vehicles are exempted. Other vehicle operating situations also may fall under the Exemption Section of the regulation, which can be accessed online or obtained by contacting Phil Wheeler at (302) 739-9402.

Delaware is one of more than 25 state and city jurisdictions that have implemented regulations addressing idling time for heavy-duty vehicles. New Jersey and the City of Philadelphia also have established maximum allowable idling time restrictions.

Impacts to Delaware’s Air Quality

The regulation furthers DNREC’s efforts to reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides, fine particulates, and other tailpipe pollutants from heavy-duty vehicles operated in the state. “Vehicle emissions contribute significantly to our overall air quality, and we are particularly concerned with diesel exhaust,” said Ali Mirzakhalili, Division of Air Quality Director. “Regulation 1145 and our plans to enforce the anti-idling regulation of heavy duty vehicles are important in helping us reach our goals of improving air quality and protecting public health in Delaware.” 

For more information about vehicle idle reduction visit US EPA’s Idling Reduction website.

Reporting Violations

Citizens can report idling violations by calling the Environmental Crimes Unit’s 24-Hour Environmental Complaint Line in-state at 1-800-662-8802. In addition, citizens with Verizon Wireless service can call #DNR from their cell phones to register a complaint. 

For more information contact:

Phil Wheeler
Division of Air Quality/DNREC
655 S. Bay Road, Suite 5N
Dover, Delaware 19901
Phone: (302) 739-9402

Last Revised: 11/15/12

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