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Boiler Safety Photo Gallery


Valve - Small photo - Boiler safety Manual test of relief valve. The manual test lever on the relief valve should be lifted on a regular basis to determine the valve is functioning properly. The pressure in the boiler should be at least 75% of the set pressure of the relief valve.

Shutdown switch - small photo - Boiler Safety A manually operated remote shutdown switch or circuit breaker shall be located just outside the boiler room door and marked for easy identification. Consideration should be given to the type and location of the switch to safeguard against tampering.

Puddle - small photo - Boiler Safety Water and scale buildup on floor indicates the relief valve has been leaking past seat for some time. This valve should be replaced as soon as possible as it could scale up and become inoperative.

Back flow preventor - small photo - Boiler Safety Back flow preventor showing scale buildup on drain opening. This indicates the back flow prevetor needs to be tested for proper operation.

Box - small photo - Boiler Safety Pressure control showing mercury switch and manual reset on top. (NOTE: Be careful around the mercury switch as the mercury is highly toxic and any spills must be reported to the proper authority. Cleanup of a spill can be very costly.)

Plate - small photo - Boiler safety All boilers that are required to have operating certificates shall have a manufacturer's nameplate attached. The nameplate shall have the appropriate ASME Code symbol, the allowable working pressure, date of manufacture, and the minimum relief valve capacity.

Accidents - Boiler Safety Boiler and Pressure Vessel Accidents. Click here for PowerPoint presentation.

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