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Make Every Day Earth Day


Delaware's annual Coastal Cleanup is one of the "Make Every Day Earth Day" activities sponsored by DNRECTrash: Think before you throw!
• Reduce, reuse, recycle!
• Compost kitchen and yard waste
• Buy products with minimal packaging
• Burn only cut and fallen branches, no trash or leaves
• Remember - only rain down storm drains
• Properly dispose of household hazardous chemicals
• Donate clothes and usable household items to charity
• Start a recycling program at work or school

Home/business: Save money, resources and energy!
• Look for Energy Star appliances
• Turn your thermostat down in winter, up in summer
• Turn off lights and unplug appliances when not in use
• Consider solar or other alternative energy sources
• Insulate, replace old windows to save energy
• Pack lunches in reusable containers
• Buy recyclable or biodegradable products
• Think before you print

Travel: Plan more, pollute less!
• Walk or bicycle when distance permits
• Carpool to work and school
• Use public transportation when available
• Plan driving errands for less mileage, less gas
• Consider a hybrid vehicle
• Maintain your car to minimize pollution
• Properly dispose of used oil and automotive fluids

Outdoors: Improve habitat for humans and wildlife!
• Plant a tree
• Participate in beach, roadway or community cleanups
• Create backyard habitat for wildlife
• Plant native species in your garden
• Use organic or natural pest control
• Put up bird or bat houses
• Volunteer your time as a wildlife monitor

You can also aim toward making every day Earth Day by checking out these topics on DNREC's web site:

Beach grass planting on Delaware's coastline. More than 5 million stems of grass have planted in 19 years.DNREC's Greener Delaware
Delaware Energy Office
Enjoy our natural resources!


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