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Ethanol Blended Fuel FAQs


When was ethanol-blended gasoline first sold in Delaware?
The major refineries that supply gasoline to service stations in Delaware started distributing E10 gasoline in May 2006.

What is E10?
E10 is a blend of 10% ethanol and 90% gasoline.

What is ethanol?
Ethanol is a type of alcohol, typically made from corn.

Why the switch to Ethanol blended gasoline?
The federal Energy Policy Act of 2005 requires the doubling of ethanol use over the next six years as a renewable fuel that lowers our dependence on foreign oil. 

How will I know if the gasoline I am getting contains ethanol?
In Delaware, all gas stations selling ethanol blended gasoline must display a label on the dispenser that states the gasoline is blended with ethanol.

Will my car, lawn mower, and boat engine run on E10?
Most vehicles and small engines should run fine on E10.  Check the owner’s manual to verify compatibility with E10.

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Will using E10 affect the mileage of my car?
Testing has shown fuel mileage may decrease by approximately 2%.  A vehicle that averages 30 mpg on the highway would average about 29.4 mpg using an ethanol-blended fuel.

What problems may be encountered with E10?
Because ethanol readily mixes with water - if the tank storing the E10 has water in it - the E10 will separate from the gasoline.  This can result in damage to an engine.

What should I do if my engine experiences problems after fueling?
If you suspect the problem is a result of poor quality gasoline, contact the Delaware Motor Fuel Tax Administration (MFTA) office at 302-744-2715, and notify the gas station owner.  MFTA will visit the gas station and take samples of the fuel to determine if it meets quality standards.  If the fuel is not of proper quality, MFTA will stop sales of gasoline at the station until the situation is resolved.  Be sure to save your gasoline sale receipt for proof of the time and date you purchased the fuel.

I have a flexible fuel vehicle. Where can I purchase E85?
At the present time no gas station in Delaware sells E85.  This may change in the near future.  Some private fleets maintain their own E-85 storage tanks. 

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