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 Phase II - PCB Mass Loading from Hazardous Substance Release Sites to Surface Waters in New Castle, Kent and Sussex Counties


Donovan Salvage Yard at the time of an initial site visit by DNREC's Site Investigation & Restoration SectionDNREC's Division of Waste & Hazardous Substances' Site Investigation and Restoration Section (SIRS) and the Division of Watershed Stewardship's Watershed Assessment and Management Section (WAMS) have recently completed the Phase II regional environmental study of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) across the State of Delaware. The Phase II - PCB Mass Loading Summary Report is available for
review through the links that follow: 
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Table 1.  Please see additional links below to the appendices for the Phase II report.  

Phase I - PCB Mass Loading Summary Report focused on sites within the Christina River Basin; the resulting report was published in 2009 (please click here for the Phase I report summary).

PCBs are hazardous man-made industrial chemicals that are no longer manufactured in the U.S., but are nevertheless widespread in the environment as a result of past usage, poor disposal practices, and their slow breakdown. This study compiled information on the presence and levels of PCBs at hazardous substances sites across the state of Delaware and then estimated how PCBs at these sites continue to be released to nearby surface waters.

Although the presence of PCBs can pose a potential risk to people and wildlife that visit hazardous substances sites, the release of PCBs can result in especially high risks when these chemicals enter adjacent surface waters and bioaccumulate in fish and other aquatic life. Meco Ditch along Little Mill Creek, pre-remediation by DNREC's Site Investigation & Restoration SectionBioaccumulation is the process where a chemical builds up in fish to levels far greater than in the water itself. Once PCBs are in the fish, people who regularly eat the fish are at greater risk of various adverse health effects. In addition, birds that consume fish - such as ospreys, bald eagles, and herons - as well as other fish-eating animals such as otters are also at risk when they consume fish containing PCBs.

Please view this webpage for more information about fish consumption advisories for Delaware waterways.

The DNREC collaborative study is a critical step in a much larger project that aims to link upland sources of PCBs with their primary impact in surrounding waterways. Because this project considers all sites known to be contaminated to one degree or another with PCBs, the information gathered will allow DNREC to look at the cumulative impact of PCBs in the area. This brings a new and more holistic perspective to the problem, which in turn could lead to innovative management solutions. DNREC refers to this holistic approach as the Watershed Approach to Toxics Assessment and Restoration (WATAR). To review the final work plan for WATAR, please click here.

The Phase II Report appendices for the hazardous substance sites  are available as follows:Meco Drive Ditch after oil and PCB release

Chicago Bridge and Iron DE- 0038, 1038

Harvey and Knott Drum DE-0040

Newport City Landfill DE- 0044

Citisteel Area A DE-0046

Harvey and Harvey Landfill DE-0047

Former Chrysler  OU-3, OU-5 DE-0105

RSC Realty DE-0121, DE-1268

Del Chapel Place DE- 0163 (Part 1) Part 2 and Part 3

Harper Thiel DE-0197 (Part 1) and Part 2

North American Smelting DE-0230Part 2 and Part 3

Reichhold Chemical DE-0245The shoreline at Fort DuPont before an old dump there was remediated by DNREC

Rogers Corner Dump DE- 0246

Dover Power Plant - DE-0269

Atlas Sanitation DE-0280

Necastro Auto Salvage DE-0283

Donovan Salvage DE-0338, 0349

Governor Bacon Health Center / Fort Dupont-  DE-1007

Dupont Louviers / MBNA DE-1049

Pure Green Industries DE-1054

Amtrak CNOC DE- 1084The Harper Thiel industrial site during an investigation for PCBs by DNREC's Site Investigation & Restoration Section

Obrien Property DE-1106

Capitol Scrapyard DE-1171

Wilmington Rolling Mill DE-1309

Former Georgetown Substation DE- 1286

Former Dagsboro Substation DE-1287

Fitzgerald’s Auto Salvage DE-1315

Jablow Property DE-1329

Pack and Process DE-1421

Diffley Property DE-1440


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