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Regional Haze Appendices

Appendix 1-1a - Contributions to Regional Haze in the Northeast and Mid-Adlantic United States (NESCAUM, August 2006)[aka Contribution Assessment]

Appendix 1-1b - Supplement A - Brigantine

Appendix 3-1 - MANE-VU's Final Interim Principles for Regional Planning

Appendix 4-1a - Department of Interior Letter with responses

Appendix 4-1b - DNREC responses to DOI, Fish & Wildlife service Comments

Appendix 7-1 - Technical support documentation for the MANE-VU 2002 MANE-VU SIP Modeling Inventories, Version 3

Appendix 7-2 - MANE-VU 2002 Base Year Inventory Tables

Appendix 7-3 - Documentation of 2018 Emissions from Electric Generation Units in the Eastern U.S. for MANE-VU's Regional Haze Modeling (Alpine Geophysics, March 2008)

Appendix 7-4 - Development of Emissions Projections for 2009, 2012, and 2018 for Non-EGU Point, Area, and Non-road Sources in the MANE-VU Region (MACTEC, February 2007)

Appendix 7-5 - 2009, 2012, and 2018 Projection Year Tables (SMOKE inputs) for EGU, Non-EGU Point, Area, and Non-road Sources in Delaware

Appendix 7-6 - Regulation 24 VOC Control Measures On-The-Books

Appendix 8-1 - Letters to Delaware BART Eligible Units

Appendix 8-2a - City of Dover BART Final Analysis and Proposal (June 2007)

Appendix 8-2b - City of Dover BART Analysis Addendum

Appendix 8-2c - Indian River NRG BART Determination for Unit 3 (June 2008)

Appendix 8-2d - Indian River NRG

Appendix 8-2e - Edge Moor BART Final Report (July 2008)

Appendix 8-2f - Edge Moor BART resubmittal Final Report (June 2007)

Appendix 8-3 - Delaware Title V Regulation

Appendix 8-4 - Delaware Regulation 1102

Appendix 8-5 - Copy of Evraz-Claymont Steel Title V Permit

Appendix 8-6 - Technical Support Document for Regulation 1146

Appendix 9-1 - Baseline and Natural Background Visibility Conditions - Considerations and Proposed Approach to the Calculation of Baseline and Natural Background Visibility Conditions at MANE-VU Class I Areas (NESCAUM, December 2006)

Appendix 9-2 - The Nature of the Fine Particle and Regional Haze Air Quality Problems in the MANE-VU Region: A Conceptual Description (NESCAUM, November 2006)

    Appendix 9-3 - Assessment of Reasonable Progress for Regional Haze in MANE-VU Class I Areas (MACTEC, July 2007)(called the Reasonable Progress Report) 

    Appendix 9-4 - Five-Factor Analysis of BART-Eligible Sources: Survey of Options for Conducting BART Determinations (June 2007)

    Appendix 9-5 - Assessment of Control Technology Options for BART-Eligible Sources: Steam Electric Boilers, Industrial Boilers, Cement Plants and Paper and Pulp Facilities (NESCAUM, March 2005) 

    Appendix 9-6  - MANE-VU Modeling for Reasonable Progress Goals: Model Performance Evaluation, Pollution Apportionment, and Control Measure Benefits (NESCAUM, February 2008)

    Appendix 9-7 - 2018 Visibility Projections (NESCAUM, May 2008)

    Appendix 9-8 - Non-EGU Source Shutdowns in the MANE-VU Region

    Appendix 9-9 - Top 167 EGU's in Eastern U.S. developed by MANE-VU

    Appendix 9-10 - Technical Support Document on Measures to Mitigate the Visibility Impacts of Construction Activities in the MANE-VU Region 

    Appendix 9-11 - Analysis of Speciation Trends Network Data Measured at the State of Delaware, Philip K. Hopke and Eugene Kim, Center for Air Resources Engineering and Science, Clarkson University, January 20, 2005

    Appendix 9-12 - Inter-RPO Consultation Briefing Book (MANE-VU Resolution for Reasonable Progress)

    Appendix 10-1 - Inter-RPO State/Tribal and FLM Consultation Framework


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