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What are homeowners' options for managing yard waste?A mulching mower is a valuable tool for a valuable resource – in making yard waste work for you.

  • Handle it yourself by composting or mulching on your own property (By using a mulching mower you can reduce the need for fertilizers, pesticides, and watering as processed grass clippings return nutrients to the soil and help retain moisture. Labor and the need for resources such as bags is reduced.)

  • Handle it yourself by taking it to a drop-off facility.

  • Arrange to have someone collect your yard waste such as hiring a landscaper or making arrangements to have your waste hauler remove your yard waste.

  • Develop a community-wide solution by creating your town or community’s own yard waste site.

More questions answered about your yard waste

Q. If I cannot manage the material myself, how can I find someone to pick it up?

A. Contact your trash hauler or a landscaping company. Newspaper classified advertisements and the yellow pages of the phone book also list similar services. These companies want your business, so you should be able to do some comparison shopping.
Q. How must I prepare the materials for pickup?

A. Just as trash haulers have different requirements for how you set out your trash, your yard trimmings collector will set the requirements for how this material should be set out. The details of collection (method, frequency, cost, etc.) are business decisions that each hauler and landscaping company must make. 

Q. How much will it cost to have my yard trimmings picked up?

A. It is impossible to know what the exact cost will be for each household for collection, so we encourage you to call around to find the best service for you and the best price. Managing yard waste by composting or mulching on your own property or by taking it to drop-off facilities can be cheaper options.

Q. Where will yard waste go for processing?

A. There is substantial private sector interest in establishing facilities to process yard trimmings into marketable products such as compost and mulch. Several businesses statewide, several municipalities, and the Delaware Solid Waste Authority provide facilities to accept and manage the yard waste.

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Would you like to schedule a yard waste presentation by DNREC or Delaware Solid Waste Authoirty (DSWA)? Contact Debra Nielsen of the Division of Waste & Hazardous Substances at 302-739-9403 and or Mike Parkowski of DSWA at 800-404-7080 to schedule a presentation.

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