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 SIRS EQuIS Data Submittal


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DNREC-SIRS maintains an EQuIS™ database, from EarthSoft® Inc. that is used to store and analyze both field and laboratory data from sites within our program. This webpage provides instructions for reporting data electronically to DNREC-SIRS using Electronic Data Deliverables (EDDs).

IMPORTANT: It is important that you contact the DNREC-SIRS project officer assigned to the site first (and prior to sampling) to determine what site data should be submitted via EDDs.

Step 1: Submit Basic Facility (aka Site) Information

Prior to submitting EDDs, the SIRS project officer or the data provider must submit the basic facility information listed below in an email to

    1. Facility Name
    2. Facility DE #
    3. DNREC-SIRS Project Officer Name
    4. Data Provider Name (consultant company name & primary contact person for EDDs)
    5. Facility Address (street, city, zip code, county)
    6. Program the Facility is Part of (PA/SI, Brownfields, VCP, HSCA)

The database manager will create the new Facility in the database and then the data provider can begin to submit EDDs. You will receive confirmation when this is complete. If the facility already exists in the database and the basic facility information has not changed, then the SIRS project officer or data provider do not need to provide this information again.

Step 2: Prepare EDD

Electronic data must be submitted to DNREC-SIRS in a specific format (DNREC’s custom EDD format). Data providers should download and add site data to the Blank EDD . The EDD Description provides information about the fields within each section of the Blank EDD. Data providers must populate all required fields in the EDD, however not all sections of the EDD must be populated. Specific fields have controlled vocabulary as well and must be populated in compliance with DNREC reference values and enumeration values.

Please review DNREC’s Electronic Data Deliverable Submittal Requirements Manual for EQuIS for more detailed instructions and examples.

Step 3: Check EDD

DNREC data providers should download the EQuIS Data Processor (EDP). EDP is a tool used to check data files against DNREC’s EDD requirements. All EDDs must be checked for errors by data providers by loading data into EDP and must be error-free before they are submitted to DNREC.

Please see the DNREC EDP User Guide for directions for how to use EDP and how to load the DNREC Format File and Reference Value File. (Note: DNREC Format File requires registration. When you first open the format file in EDP, you will be required to register the format file. Select the link to “Register”. Then ‘Click here to request registration key for this computer’ and submit the required information. EarthSoft will provide you with a registration key once your information has been approved.)

The latest DNREC format file and reference value file are available below:

Adding New Reference Values: Please follow DNREC reference values as closely as possible when populating EDDs. However, if you need to add a new reference value to the database to submit your data, please send an email to including:

    1. Your name and your company name
    2. Reference value you want to add
    3. Name of reference table the value belongs in (i.e. rt_analyte)
    4. Brief description of the reference value

Step 4: Submit EDD

Consultants should submit both lab and field EDDs as a zipped file via email to and CC their DNREC-SIRS Project Officer on the submittal email. (Note: Labs contracted by a consultant should submit lab EDDs to the consultant and not to DNREC directly.) Please see DNREC’s EDD Submittal Requirements Manual for EQuIS for more instructions regarding data submittal.

Labs contracted by DNREC should submit lab EDDs via email to

QUESTIONS? Please submit any questions to or call 302-395-2600 and ask for Vanessa Hamm.



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