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The Sea Level Rise Inundation Map shows areas in Delaware at risk due to flooding and sea level rise

Climate Change and Delaware
Climate change affects the people, places, and resources we care about. 

Changing temperatures, rainfall, and flooding from sea level rise put our homes, neighborhoods, and environment at risk. They affect our health and communities, and cause expensive damage that hurts our businesses and economy.

In Delaware and across the country, we are already seeing these changes occur. Human activites are driving climate change. We have take action now to lessen the effects that we can, and prepare for the ones that are already happening and will likely get worse.

Climate change will affect everyone in our state and around the world. The State is taking action. Learn more below. 

  • Understanding Climate Change
    Explore what climate change means for Delaware, and what we need to prepare for now and into the future

  • Reducing Greenhouse Gases
    Learn how Delaware is lowering greenhouse gas emissions from human activity--the primary driver in climate change

  • Taking Action
    Discover what the state is doing to lower environmental impacts and keep Delaware safe from the effects of climate change. See Climate Action in Delaware: 2016 Progress Report for an update on climate action across state agencies. Adaptation Appendix available on the Taking Action page.

  • Adapting to Climate Change
    Dive into the resources and strategies that help planners protect people, resources, and infrastructure from the effects of climate change

  • Confronting Climate Change: What Can I Do?
    Take action in your everyday life to lower your environmental impact, help fight climate change, and make your home and community healthy






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