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 Delaware Electric Cooperative - Renewable Resource Program

2016 Renewable Resource Program funding has been exhausted. The Delaware Electric Cooperative Renewable Resource Program is not accepting new applications. Information regarding the 2017 program will be released by the Cooperative in December.

The Delaware Electric Cooperative offers grants through the Renewable Resource Program to offset the installed cost of photovoltaic, solar water heating, wind, and geothermal renewable energy systems. Cooperative members and contractors applying for grants for photovoltaic, solar water heating, wind, and geothermal heat pumps must provide project information to the Division of Energy & Climate to be approved for funding. The 2016 program year will allow already completed projects that meet all program requirements the opportunity to apply for funding. Please see section 4.1 of the program regulations for details regarding initial documentation submission requirements.

Due to the popularity of the Renewable Resource Program and the limited funding collected by the Delaware Electric Cooperative each month for the program, all applicants approved for funding through the Renewable Resource Program will wait approximately 3 years for grant payment after their application is approved. The Delaware Electric Cooperative maintains a list of approved grants that are queued for payment to allow members to monitor their payment status. If your application is complete, please click here to view the Cooperative's payment queue. The Division of Energy & Climate only administers the program and conducts technical reviews of applications. The Division of Energy & Climate does not maintain the grant payment queue or issue grant payments. Questions regarding grant payment should be directed to Mark Nielson at 302-349-9090.

Important Program Update for 2016:
Renewable Resource Program funding is limited. All grant applications are reviewed and approved according to the current Renewable Resource Program Regulations. The Renewable Resource Program will only accept requests for grant funding during the week of January 25 through 29, 2016. After the program budget for 2016 is exhausted no additional applications will be accepted until the 2017 program opens.

Please note that the date of the DEC final interconnection approval will be used as part of the ranking process for approving PV and Wind system grant requests. For Geothermal systems, the approval date of the geothermal well permit will be used as part of the ranking process for geothermal grant applications. Please be sure a copy of the approved well permit and the conditions pages are included with your application documents for geothermal systems that require a well permit.  If applications were previously submitted to our office, please be advised they must be resubmitted using the 2016 application form with all required supporting documents attached between January 25 and 29, 2016 to be considered for approval under the 2016 Renewable Resource Program.

Applications should be submitted electronically to the DNREC Green Energy Program email: so that there is an electronic record of the documents submitted to our office, enabling the applicant to retain the original documents for future reference if needed.  Applications can also be mailed to the Division of Energy & Climate. Please retain a copy of all application documents submitted to the Green Energy Program Team.

Important: Due to the new grant reservation process, in order for an application to be accepted by the Green Energy Program Team, all initial "Part 1" grant documentation must be submitted in full between January 25 and January 29, 2016. If the project is complete, please submit all Part 1 and Part 2 documents together. Incomplete applications will not be approved or kept on file and will be immediately returned to the applicant or contractor. DO NOT submit partial grant applications. No exceptions can be made to this policy. Use the application checklist to confirm that you have prepared a complete application prior to submitting it to the Green Energy Program Team.

2016 Renewable Resource Program Instructions

2016 Renewable Resource Program Applications

Program Regulations 2016

Interconnection Forms

Program Contact Information:

Green Energy Program Team
Division of Energy & Climate
100 W. Water Street, Suite 5A
Dover, DE 19904







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