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Mosquito Control - Asian Tiger Mosquitoes


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Do you have tigers in your backyard?

        Asian Tiger Mosquito - Aedes albopictus

The Asian Tiger Mosquito (ATM) is Delaware's newest and toughest nuisance mosquito. Tiger mosquitoes get their name from their distinct stripe pattern and their aggressive behavior.

What to do if you have a tiger mosquito problem:

  • Check your property first. The ATM does not fly far (only about 300 feet) from its breeding habitat.  It is a very opportunistic feeder and chances are if they're biting you, their breeding habitat is close by.

  • Look for even the smallest amounts of standing water.  ATMs will breed in the little amount of water in the saucers under potted plants or in the water that remains in a corrugated drainpipe even days after a rain event. For a comprehensive checklist of ATM breeding habitats, click here.

  • If you are still experiencing a nuisance tiger mosquito problem of three bites per minute after you have thoroughly inspected and sanitized your own property, call the appropriate Delaware Mosquito Control Section office for your area. (Click here for contact information.) An ATM infestation can affect more than one property, especially in urban and suburban areas. Our staff is trained to inspect for ATM breeding habitats and may be able to find additional breeding sources on your property as well as surrounding properties.

  • Once the source is located and removed, the number of adult ATMs should lessen. At the present time, it is not the standard practice of the Delaware Mosquito Control Section to respond to ATM problems with adult mosquito control. We find that source reduction and elimination are the best option for ATM control.


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