To request service from the Delaware Mosquito Control Section, please complete the form below. Verify that your email address and phone number are correct before submitting the form. Depending on the current volume of requests, you may not be contacted prior to receiving service. For mosquito control services other than adult mosquito control or mosquito source inspections, such as reporting a dead wild bird, please call the Glasgow field office 302-836-2555 or the Milford field office at 302-422-1512.

Please provide us with any information that would help us provide the best service possible. If you live in a neighborhood, please type the name of your neighborhood in the Description box. If your property is difficult to find, especially for nighttime spraying, please list information that would help us find the property. If you have a specific area that you would like inspected for mosquito sources, please provide a description to help us find that location. If there are any barriers that may limit our staff from providing you service, such as a locked gate or an aggressive dog, please list that in the Description box also.