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Delaware Clean Marina Guidebook


Table of Contents

Title Page and Table of Contents

Dear Friends:

Our Inland Bays and coastal waters are precious jewels of our Diamond State. Clean water and air are vital to the health of all Delawareans, and our recreation and tourism industry would cease to exist without a clean environment. The Delaware Clean Marina Initiative is a voluntary pollution prevention program, developed by a group of marine industry, regulatory, and other environmental advocacy representatives. It is intended to provide for safe and environmentally sound operation of marinas through pollution prevention and incorporation of “good housekeeping” procedures.

The Clean Marina Program rewards marina operators for their voluntary stewardship of clean water and fresh air. By joining the Clean Marina Program, Delaware’s marine industry is taking a leadership role in protecting the environment, the lifeblood of your operations and Delaware’s economy.

We want to thank you, on behalf of all Delawareans, for doing your part to help protect the beauty and health of the waterways that we so enjoy and depend upon.

Ruth Ann Minner

John Hughes
DNREC Secretary

 Clean Boating Tips



  1. Information Sources
  2. Delaware Native Plant Information Sources
  3. Marine Industry Information Resources
  4. Notice of Intent (NOI) Stormwater Permit
  5. Sample Contract Language
  6. Emergency Response Contractors
  7. Management Measures Coastal Nonpoint Program
  8. Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plans
  9. Emergency Response Plans
  10. Marina Regulations


  • How to Use this Guidebook
  • Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Plans
  • Steps to Becoming a Delaware Clean Marina

Siting Considerations For New and Expanding Marinas

  • Environmental Concerns
  • Information Sources

Marina Design and Maintenance

  • Environmental Concerns
  • Regulatory Issues
  • Best Management Practices for Marina Facilities and Structures
  • Best Management Practices for Protecting Sensitive Areas
  • Best Management Practices for Creating Habitat Areas
  • Information Sources

Stormwater Management

  • Environmental Concerns
  • Legal Setting
  • General Stormwater Permit for Discharges from Marinas
  • State Law: Sediment Control and Stormwater Management
  • Best Management Practices to Control Stormwater Runoff
  • Information Sources

Vessel Maintenance and Repair

  • Environmental Concerns
  • Legal Setting
  • Environmental Regulation
  • Critical Habitat Areas
  • Best Management Practices to Control Pollution from Vessel Maintenance and Repair Activities
  • Information Sources

Petroleum Control

  • Environmental Concerns
  • Legal Setting
  • Federal Water Pollution Control Act (Clean Water Act)
  • Delaware State Law
  • Best Management Practices for Emergency Planning
  • Best Management Practices for Preventing Spills at the Source
  • Information Sources

Sewage Handling

  • Environmental Concerns
  • Legal Setting
  • Marina Regulations
  • Marine Sanitation Devices
  • Pumpout Stations
  • No Discharge Zones
  • Best Management Practices to Control Sewage
  • Information Sources

Waste Containment and Disposal

  • Environmental Concerns
  • Legal Setting
  • Marine Plastic Pollution Research and Control Act
  • Resource Conservation and Recovery Act and State Hazardous Waste Laws
  • Best Management Practices to Properly Contain and Dispose of Waste
  • Information Sources
  • Pollution Report and Action Log

Marina Management

  • Staff Training
  • Inform Patrons and Independent Contractors of Marina Rules and Regulations
  • Business Practices
  • Information Sources

Laws and Regulations

  • Delaware Marina Regulations
  • Marina Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Plan
  • Marine Sanitation Devices
  • Pumpout Requirements
  • Water Quality Monitoring
  • Permits and Approvals
  • Marina Permit
  • Selected Federal Agencies and Their Jurisdictions
  • Selected Federal Laws
  • Information Sources

Boater Education

  • Environmental Concerns
  • Goals
  • Legal Setting
  • Best Management Practices
  • Information Sources

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