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GREEN Conferences, Meetings and Events

Conferences, meetings and events often can generate large amounts of waste. For an environmentally-responsible group, this can be embarrassing, and can literally have a negative impact and leave an otherwise exciting event with a sour note. Groups putting on an event will appreciate a facility's commitment to the environment and its willingness to provide extraordinary customer service.Delaware Green Lodging is a new DNREC Pollution Prevention (P2) program

Advertising the following services and conditions of the event could prove to be a significant marketing edge for your facility!  Best of all, many of these steps and suggestions are easy and will actually save you and the conference- or event-hosting facility money.

Before the event
Have your event at a Delaware Green Lodging facility or other facility that is GREEN and willing to accommodate your requests.

  • Conference information should be provided electronically.
  • All printed materials should be on recycled-content paper that contains at least 30% post consumer material and two-sided.
  • Use soy-based inks and energy-efficient equipment when printing.
  • All paper products (writing paper, toilet paper and tissues) should be non-bleached and at least 30% post consumer content.
  • Provide accurate attendance numbers to service providers to reduce food and other wastes.
  • Electronic registration and check-out provided by the hotel saves paper & energy.
  • Provide participant information at public transportation; or provide participants with "public transportation tokens" as part of their registration package.
  • Incorporate requirement for environmentally preferable products into contracts with suppliers of conference materials.
  • "Green" the exhibitors and vendors.  Encourage vendors to stay with the green theme and to minimize wasteful giveaways wherever possible.
  • Hotel information can be provided to guests electronically or at least using double-sided copying.
  • Green Energy: Consider purchasing "green tags" or "renewable energy credits" to offset the additional costs of using energy from renewable sources to power your conference. For more information, go to

The Facility

  • Optional towel and linen service should be offered by hotel and staff should be properly instructed.
  • Bulk dispensers for toiletries.  Encourage the use of refillable dispensers or if a facility provides toiletries in small quantities, encourage the facility to replace the containers only when they are empty or for a new guest.
  • Energy Efficiency.  Encourage the use of energy efficient lighting & sensors.  The use of compact fluorescents in rooms and in recessed lighting is a good way to reduce energy costs.  Also, facilities should be recycling all fluorescent lamps.
  • Electronically controlled heating & air conditioning  saves energy and money.
  • Publicly available copiers should have double-sided copying option.
  • Recycling should be available in all meeting and guest rooms.  Information should be provided to guests to explain what is collected.
  • Water Conservation.  Low-flow toilets and water fixtures save water and money.  Other water-saving opportunities include food service, laundry and landscaping changes.
  • Restrooms are equipped with air dryers to reduce the use of paper towels.

During the event

  • Clean-up crews should be trained to recycle all recyclable materials.
  • All recycling areas should be well marked and easily accessible.
  • Reusable dishes, silverwares, napkins, tablecloths and serving containers should be used.
  • No Styrofoam.   If not able to use reusable products, use paper or biodegradable materials for disposable cups and take-out containers.
  • Avoid use of boxed lunches to reduce generation of waste.
  • Provide water and other beverages in pitchers or bulk dispensers.

After the event

  • Provide conference proceedings electronically via e-mail, internet, flash drives or CD-ROM.
  • Assess program an identify potential improvements and suggestions.

For additional ideas, visit the Environmental Protection Agency's Green Meetings page. For more information on the Delaware Green Lodging Program, contact:

Robert Underwood, program manager
DNREC Pollution Prevention (P2) Program
89 Kings Hwy
Dover, DE  19901
302-739-9403 or 

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