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 Underground Storage Tank Compliance Program


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A-Z List of Documents

30-day walk-around inspection

Containment sump test report

Daily inventory worksheet

Foreclosure Form Notice

Form C - Insurance endorsement

Form D - Certificate of insurance

Form R - Tank schedule

Inspection record for impressed current cathodic protection

Inspection record for pressurized piping

Inspection record for UST release detection

Manual tank gauging record (used oil)

Modified inventory record (used oil)

Monthly Inventory Record Form (January to December) for all UST Systems except Used Oil, Emergency Generator and Heating Fuel UST systems (5, 6 or 7 days/week options available)  

Operator training webpage

Operator training certification

Overfill prevention and daily inventory

Over-excavation Requirements

Ownership Transfer Notification (Regulated USTs)

Ownership Transfer Notification (Unregulated USTs)

Registration and notification form 

Sampling requirements CP upgrade

Sampling requirements change in service

Sampling requirements change in substance stored

Sampling requirements closure in place

Sampling requirements internal lining

Sampling requirements removal

Sampling requirements retrofit

Spill containment test report

Sump (Tank Top and Dispenser) Test Procedures in CAM 

Stage I EVR Permit Application

Stage I permit application

Stage II permit application 

UST closure notification

Vapor recovery daily inspection 

Vapor Recovery Stage I EVR Monthly Inspection

Vapor recovery testing contractors

Vapor recovery testing notification 


To report a release, please call: 1-800-662-8802

ADVISORY:  DNREC has been working with the Underground Storage Tank Advisory Committee (USTAC) this year to develop amendments to Delaware’s Underground Storage Tank Regulations. For questions, or to provide feedback on the most recent draft of the amendments, please send an email to or call the Tanks Management Section at 302-395-2500. Meeting materials from previous meetings, as well as the most recent version of the draft changes to the Underground Storage Tank Regulations, can be found here.

The Tank Management Section’s underground storage tank (UST) compliance program is responsible for ensuring the safe operation of over 400 federally regulated UST and 150 state regulated UST heating oil facilities in the state. UST systems which are subject to the requirements of the UST compliance program can be found at gas stations, manufacturing facilities, schools, and hospitals.

USTs over 110 gallons in size storing petroleum or hazardous substances are required to be registered with the state and pay an annual registration fee. Heating fuel (HF) UST systems greater than 1,100 gallons must be registered with the state. HF UST systems 1,100-2,000 gallons were required to pay an annual $50 fee until May 1993. HF UST systems over 2,000 must pay an annual $50 tank fee.

All registered USTs have to comply with Delaware Regulations Governing Underground Storage Tank Systems (UST Regulations) or (Printable Version). To assist owners and operators in complying with the UST Regulations the UST compliance program has created a Compliance Assistance Manual (CAM). The CAM contains easy to follow instructions and forms for UST system owners and operators.

The UST compliance program conducts inspections every three (3) years at facilities with UST systems to prevent releases to the environment by ensuring that UST systems are properly installed, inspected, tested, and maintained. The UST compliance program requires that facilities demonstrate financial responsibility for taking corrective action caused by accidental releases from the UST system.

The UST compliance program oversees the installation, retrofitting, and removal of UST systems to verify the work is completed properly and by qualified, trained, and certified individuals and companies. Facilities may have additional requirements for vapor recovery. This may require a tank owner to install specific equipment and follow scheduled equipment testing requirements.

Beginning August 8, 2012, each UST facility must have a certified operator assigned to the site. To become certified, an individual must attend an operator training class. For more information, please see the UST operator training webpage.

Information regarding UST facilities is available online using the Delaware Environmental Navigator (DEN). A request for information may be made through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

ADVISORY: Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plan information:

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