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Potential Redevelopment of Vlasic Pickle/Pinnacle Millsboro site

Allen M. Harim Foods has entered into a Brownfields Development Agreement (BDA) with DNREC, with the intent of purchasing the site and converting the facility to a poultry processing plant. A BDA is an agreement between DNREC and a brownfields developer with respect to a Certified Brownfields Site that sets forth a scope of work and remedial activities during development of the site.

A public workshop was held on November 21, 2013. A second opportunity for public comment – a public hearing on the brownfields development agreement and a proposed plan of remediation by DNREC’s Site Investigation and Restoration Section – was held December 17, 2013.

The workshop provided concerned residents an opportunity to understand environmental issues being addressed by DNREC in the event that the former Vlasic Pickle site is acquired by Allen M. Harim Foods and converted to a poultry processing plant. The public hearing will provide concerned citizens with an opportunity to make their concerns a matter of public record.

NOTE: The property asset acquisition due diligence that is attendant to this proposed transaction addresses both existing environmental contamination issues and concerns, and also includes development plans to handle environmental issues when the plant becomes operational in its proposed capacity.

DNREC has provided links to documents requested by the public under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA):

FOIA Documents for the Harim/Vlasic Pinnacle Site

1996.12 Storm Water Plan.pdf
1996.12 Storm Water Plan
2001.04.03 SWP Cover Letter.pdf
2001.04.03 SWP Cover Letter
2002.07.12 Updated SWP3.pdf
2002.07.12 Updated SWP3
2006.05.04 SWP Update Cover Letter.pdf
2006.05.04 SWP Update Cover Letter
2006.06.15 Updated SWP.pdf
2006.06.15 Updated SWP
2006.07.18 SW Review.pdf
2006.07.18 SW Review
2006.09.14 Storm Water Grab Sample.pdf
2006.09.14 Storm Water Grab Sample
2006.10.02 Storm Water Exceedance.pdf
2006.10.02 Storm Water Exceedance
2006.12.08 BOD, TSS, Oil, Grease Fecal.pdf
2006.12.08 BOD, TSS, Oil, Grease Fecal
2006.12.08 Email Moore.pdf
2006.12.08 Email Moore
2006.12.08 Storm Water Grab Sample.pdf
2006.12.08 Storm Water Grab Sample
2006.12.11 Email Moore.pdf
2006.12.11 Email Moore
2006.12.18 Email Pump Times.pdf
2006.12.18 Email Pump Times
2006.12.21 Email Follow Up.pdf
2006.12.21 Email Follow Up
2007.04.16 Email Moore Report.pdf
2007.04.16 Email Moore Report
2007.04.16 Storm Water.pdf
2007.04.16 Storm Water
2007.09.07 Storm Water Grab Sample.pdf
2007.09.07 Storm Water Grab Sample
2010.06.07 Transfer Delmar Feed Mill.pdf
2010.06.07 Transfer Delmar Feed Mill
2010.06.25 General Permit Terminated.pdf
2010.06.25 General Permit Terminated
2011.01.03 General Permit Terminated.pdf
2011.01.03 General Permit Terminated
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